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From the New York Times to the Dr. Oz Show,  A.R.T. and founder Amy Thieringer are gaining notoriety across the country and internationally for the great success this treatment has provided for so many.

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Published Study Comparing A.R.T. To Standard Management

of Pediatric Peanut and Cow's Milk Allergies

Children's Hospital Boston, Boston University and Allergy Release Technique® have published a retrospective study to compare Allergy Release Technique® to Standard Management for Pediatric Peanut and Cow’s Milk Allergies.

"A Breakthrough Approach to Treating Food Allergies"

WellesleyWeston Magazine published an article Allergy Release Technique® chronicling the stories of parents and their children who have gone through the A.R.T. process for anaphylactic food allergies and their successes. 

The Dr Oz Show

Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai discusses A.R.T. and founder Amy Thieringer with Dr. Oz.

Ming Tsai's son David successfully completed the A.R.T. process and no longer has food allergies that once drastically impacted their family's life.

The Other Side of Impossible

The Other Side of Impossible by Susannah Meadows chronicles Meadow's story of her son's poor health and their journey to solve the dead ends they reached through traditional medicine.  She writes about her son's tremendous success and experience with A.R.T.  Meadows also tells the story of another patient of Amy Thieringer's whose family moved across the country to cure his food allergies through A.R.T.

The Oprah Magazine

The Oprah Magazine interviewed Susannah Meadows regarding her journey with alternative health treatments for her son.  Meadows highlights founder Amy Thieringer in this article as well as the A.R.T. process re-introducing foods back into her son's diet. 

The New York Times

An article following Susannah Meadow's release of The Other Side Of Impossible summarizes Meadow's encounter with Amy and A.R.T. 

Amy Thieringer, Founder of A.R.T.

Master Practitioner and Founder of Allergy Release Technique, Amy Thieringer has cured over three hundred children of food allergies.

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