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About Karen


Karen spent the first part of her career in Human Resources where she helped guide people toward happiness in their career.  After going through a change mid-life that was followed by months of self-reflection and personal growth, she was determined to pursue a path that would allow her to continue that growth while still helping others.  Upon reentering the workforce as a single mom, Karen was fortunate to meet Amy Thieringer.  Karen trained with Amy to become an A.R.T. Practitioner and found where she was truly meant to be.   


Karen strives to get her clients to a place of health and happiness, the natural way.  Karen is also a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code.  She carries certifications in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.  These skills enable her to offer a unique blend of holistic healing to her clients.


Karen has an energetic and positive approach toward her clients' well-being.  Her warm demeanor fosters healing in a nurturing and supportive environment.