About Karen


"I was at a pivotal time in my life when I learned about Allergy Release Technique.  I was switching careers in order to find a meaningful way to help others.  I was so fortunate to train with Amy and have found where I am truly meant to be.  There is no other healing modality quite like A.R.T., it is truly life-changing!  I am honored to be part of this groundbreaking work."

Karen has been practicing A.R.T. for nearly two years.  She is also a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code.  She carries certifications in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.  These skills enable Karen to offer a unique blend of holistic healing to her clients.

Karen has an energetic and positive approach toward her clients' well-being.  Her warm demeanor fosters healing in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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